Why It Works

Task Management platforms work.Using a platform (any platform),
is one of the best ways that you
can ensure success.

77% of high-performing projects
leverage some type of
Task Management software.

Despite this fact, only 22% of organizations use a Task Management platform. To make matters worse, less than 20% of the members of these organizations log in at least once a month. ONCE A MONTH!?!

The task management part is not the problem. Keeping everyone engaged to actually use a platform is the problem... A big problem!

Does Gamification Work?

How many of you reading this have a fitness tracker on your wrist? Have you ever used frequent flier miles? I have a serious question: Is there a loyalty punch card currently in your wallet?

Most of us engage in some type of gamification nearly everyday. Sometimes we get something out of it, sometimes it just helps keep us going.

A recent poll* showed that 89% of people believed that integrating gamification in their work made them more productive. 88% of people found it made them happier doing tasks. We can't make this stuff up.

Once upon a time...
Buckets started out as just
a task management platform.

It did its job well, but we encountered many of the problems that we just alluded to above. Large percentages of our users did not engage with Buckets consistently enough to be successful.

So we decided to be our own guinea pig. We developed a prototype of Buckets that had a very basic reward system built in. Within 60 days, our test subjects were active 2x as often as they were before. And their daily engagement went up by a whopping 217%!

This is when we knew we were onto something…

More than just a rewards system!

Buckets as you see it now is more than just "a very basic reward system". It has become a constantly evolving "world" with its own thriving ecosystem. All wrapped around world-class task management features.

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Staying productive has
never been more fun.

We double-dog dare you to have fun while getting organized and staying productive.
Give Buckets a try. It's 100% FREE for individuals, and teams start at just $10/mo.