The task management side of Buckets is purposely simple. We’ve decided to go deep with the core product design, rather than wide with shallow features.

Simplicity is in our DNA.

The task management side of Buckets is beautifully simple & intuitive. Buckets will never participate in the “features war” that many competing platforms have succumbed to.

We’ve taken the route of keeping things breathtakingly simple. Simple does not mean lightweight though by any means. It just means that we’ve decided to go deep with the core product design, rather than wide with thin features that mostly just produce clutter & confusion.


Kanban Boards

If you already know how to use a Kanban Board, you’ll feel right at home.
No need to keep reading. If Kanban is new to you, you’re in for a treat.

Kanban (Japanese for "card") is a project management method that came to popularity at Toyota in the 1940’s. In its original format, a notecard represented one car in the manufacturing line. The notecard was passed along person to person at each phase of making the car. Inventory needs would be passed along to suppliers, and managers knew the status of each car in relative real-time. It was revolutionary to car manufacturing.

Since then, robots have changed how cars are physically put together; but the processes remain the same. The core of this process is what Buckets uses to drive all projects. And in the new digital world, it can be 100% customized to your workflow.

Calendar View

Calendar View

Sometimes we all need a bird-eye view with time being our visual measuring stick. Buckets’ Calendar view allows you to schedule tasks, set deadlines, and quickly recognize inefficiencies that have the potential to make you behind schedule.



Many task management platforms look at “notifications” as an afterthought. We’ve created a key piece of our platform around notifications to put you in a position to succeed both when at the computer, and when you’re mobile.

Threads act similar to other messaging platforms that we’ve grown accustomed to, so that you’ll feel comfortable communicating with your team from any platform or situation.

That's it!

No feature lists with 100 random things here.
Just concise core features that work.

Exactly what
you need.

Buckets has exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. What are you waiting for? Individuals are free! Teams start at $10/mo.