Work hard.
Play hard.
Get stuff done.

Buckets keeps you engaged & motivated while building consistent productivity habits!

At Buckets we have an opinion that maybe we’re not supposed to have...

We believe that most other task management systems are actually pretty good (including most of our competitors).

The big problem is, many of us have a hard time following through with using them consistently. After that first week or two of excitement, they just end up collecting dust.

The Perfect Balance
of Work & Play

Buckets has all of the Task Management
bells & whistles
you’ve grown to love.
(Check out our Features section to see for yourself.)

But we’ve also put an added emphasis on engagement & motivation.

You'll feel right at home in Buckets.

We purposefully use familiar tools such as
Kanban Boards, Checklists, Calendars, and Chat as primary task drivers.

  • Kanban

  • Advanced

  • Integrated


Productivity reimagined.

Buckets measures your daily productivity using over 100 unique data points. These data points are then used by our algorithm to calculate your daily Productivity Score. The Productivity Score is measured 1 to 100 and continues to adapt to you over time to keep you feeling challenged!


Daily & weekly challenges with real rewards!

Here’s where things get interesting.

Buckets has daily & weekly challenges with real rewards! The biggest key to success is consistency. Challenges take this into consideration by giving you increased rewards as you build streaks and level-up. Buckets also rewards long-term consistency with Milestones.


Drops are the digital currency of the Buckets ecosystem.

Drops are rewarded for completing Challenges and earning Achievements.

You can use Drops to:

  • Pimp
    Your Avatar

  • Convert to
    Account Credits!

  • Get Exclusive
    Buckets Swag!

Buckets Is FREE
for individuals.

What are you waiting for? Individuals are free!
Teams start at $10/mo.